Monday, April 23, 2007

Time for a little ha ha!

How long has it been since you laughed until tears rolled down your cheeks :)?
Even one day is too long in my opinion!!
Today I had the opportunity to laugh and laugh and laugh.
And how WONDERFUL it felt!
I hadn't quite forgotten, but funny (pardon the pun!) how something so simple often gets pushed to the very back of life.
Unfortunate, don't you think :)?
The topic wasn't exactly stand-up comedy material - I was chatting with a bunch of moms, and describing how a young mother felt when she had to walk to the crib every 10-15 minutes for TWO hours in the MIDDLE of the NIGHT! We aren't exactly pretty at that point! And we laughed! We related! And we all went home a little lighter!
Hope you are able to find some LAUGHTER in your day!
Sometimes - we take ourselves FAR too SERIOUSLY!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Great Date!

Last night I went on a date with my sisters and my mom for my mom's birthday. We always have a awesome time when we go out. We met at the Forks, went for supper, and then spent the rest of the evening walking around the shops, having coffee and - trying on these hats!

Mom looks so great for her age - which is a huge encouragement for us girls for our future! Leah is 6+ months pregnant and is doing so great, has tonnes of energy despite her sleep deprivation since having a baby 16 months ago! Tanis is a tonne of fun too as she finds laughs easily and is adventurous.

I am so, so, so blessed to have these amazing women in my life!

We are family....

We are sisters....

We are best friends!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


This is the last look at the damaged goods before the FIX 'ER UP!

Laser Eye Surgery was at one time totally out of the question for me. Then my wonderful sister-in-law Susie introduced me to a company moving to Winnipeg LASIK (many other locations in Canada) that was offering a special for the first 300 people to call in. So, I thought - wow, 1/2 price sounds pretty good to me. Last week I went in for my initial consultation. It went pretty good. I kinda didn't like the part about them mentioning that they are gonna slice a layer off my eye ball, fix 'er up, and then flap it down. But I'm thinking - how bad can it really be? Tonnes of people are having it done, and this company if very reputable etc. So, I booked my surgery date for May 24th. Today I learn that - they have an opening - tomorrow!! What to do?...

So, I'm in. I will be going in for laser eye surgery tomorrow morning. I'm not even that nervous (I'll save that for tomorrow!)

How AWESOME it will be to get up in the morning, and instead of groping for my pathetic glasses to tide me over to my contact lenses - I'll be FREE!! No excuses for tripping into the bed, door jam, and vanity now, but I'll get used to it !

I am pretty excited. And as per usual my ADHD is kicking into high gear. I can't really focus on one thing for more than - 30 seconds.

So, if you think of it - I could use the prayers for tomorrow!

Spring is here!

Yahoo!! The snow is allllmost gone and spring is here! With this comes a few undesirable chores - like scraping rocks off the lawn - but many, many wonderful possibilities! I am thrilled because many of the tulips I transplanted last fall are coming up. This is exciting because - not being much of a detailed type of gal - I'm never sure if I've read the instructions right (if I've read them at all!!), if I've planted things properly and if they will thrive in my care.

However, this hardy sign of early spring is sprouting all over my garden, and I am pleased!!

It also feels like spring inside. Winter items have been put away and I've dusted off the wind chimes and started the yearly freshening process :). It feels good to be here.

There are so many things to look forward to:
- watching Mikayla toddle around in her rubber boots
- having the first fireside of the season (complete with hot dogs and marshmallows!!)
- after dinner walks with my family
- garden.... experiments :)
- getting ready (with great anticipation!!) for the arrival of our second baby
- enjoying a different pace of life with family and friends

How do you celebrate the arrival of spring? Do you engage in a cleaning frenzy :)? Do you make sure you're outdoors as much as possible? Do you simply enjoy the longer daylight hours and cozy evenings?

Thank you, Father, for spring seasons!!