Monday, April 23, 2007

Time for a little ha ha!

How long has it been since you laughed until tears rolled down your cheeks :)?
Even one day is too long in my opinion!!
Today I had the opportunity to laugh and laugh and laugh.
And how WONDERFUL it felt!
I hadn't quite forgotten, but funny (pardon the pun!) how something so simple often gets pushed to the very back of life.
Unfortunate, don't you think :)?
The topic wasn't exactly stand-up comedy material - I was chatting with a bunch of moms, and describing how a young mother felt when she had to walk to the crib every 10-15 minutes for TWO hours in the MIDDLE of the NIGHT! We aren't exactly pretty at that point! And we laughed! We related! And we all went home a little lighter!
Hope you are able to find some LAUGHTER in your day!
Sometimes - we take ourselves FAR too SERIOUSLY!!


Ruth said...

GOOD good grand reminder my dear friend. love you! and wanted to let you know i am thankful you live on my street! :)

SharonB said...

Oh's been awhile...a real long while. We use to have friends (they moved) who we'd get together with weekly and we would laugh so hard and so long our bellies's been too long.

OH...just traveling around and came across your Hello!