Wednesday, April 11, 2007


This is the last look at the damaged goods before the FIX 'ER UP!

Laser Eye Surgery was at one time totally out of the question for me. Then my wonderful sister-in-law Susie introduced me to a company moving to Winnipeg LASIK (many other locations in Canada) that was offering a special for the first 300 people to call in. So, I thought - wow, 1/2 price sounds pretty good to me. Last week I went in for my initial consultation. It went pretty good. I kinda didn't like the part about them mentioning that they are gonna slice a layer off my eye ball, fix 'er up, and then flap it down. But I'm thinking - how bad can it really be? Tonnes of people are having it done, and this company if very reputable etc. So, I booked my surgery date for May 24th. Today I learn that - they have an opening - tomorrow!! What to do?...

So, I'm in. I will be going in for laser eye surgery tomorrow morning. I'm not even that nervous (I'll save that for tomorrow!)

How AWESOME it will be to get up in the morning, and instead of groping for my pathetic glasses to tide me over to my contact lenses - I'll be FREE!! No excuses for tripping into the bed, door jam, and vanity now, but I'll get used to it !

I am pretty excited. And as per usual my ADHD is kicking into high gear. I can't really focus on one thing for more than - 30 seconds.

So, if you think of it - I could use the prayers for tomorrow!

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Trev & Rebekah said...

Thinking of you today!