Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I never have been - and never will be - the MARTHA STEWART type.
There are some of you who can...
.... calm a screaming baby while...
.... chasing a toddler while...
.... whipping up a gourmet casserole dish while...
.... repainting your favorite room with your favorite new color for the umpteenth time.
I cannot do all these things at once.

And I have pictures to prove it.
The day before Kezia arrived on the scene, I was strolling about town, 8 3/4 months pregnant, with Mikayla happily viewing the world from her buggy. We popped in at the local MCC to see what kinds of great bargains we could find.

I thought I SCORED BIGTIME when I found a Hunky Bills Perogy Maker.
I have ALWAYS wanted a HBPM.
I have ALWAYS loved perogies.
I have ALWAYS thought it would be easier to use a HBPM then cut out each pocket by hand.
I have ALWAYS been wrong.
The reason that I paid .25 for a HBPM was because someone else hated it too and cast it out of their house for good.
Silly me.
It took me until now to find the time, energy and general all-around umpf to get to using my bargain HBPM.
Sigh. What a disaster.
I should've known that when the dough was too hard, and the cottage cheese to sticky and I had dough and flour and cheese and mess EVERYWHERE - to quit whilst I was AHEAD. 
I hated the thought that I might be outwitted by a stupid piece of plastic.
So, instead, I decided to make things even more .... interesting.
The girls got up from their naps.
Sigh. When will I ever learn!!!?

Now I had dough, flour, cottage cheese, a wild dog, an infant with a nasty cold, and a toddler who wanted to "help." Between her trying to taste-test the cottage cheese (complete with raw eggs), attempting to feed Diggy a wad of sticky dough, falling off the chair and bonking her head, I managed to salvage the mess - sort of - and throw the rest away in the garbage.

We ate supper at 6.30.

We ate the attempted perogies.

And they were .... nothing short of disgusting. 
Not even ketchup helped the "special noodles."

It took me over an hour to clean up.
I scoured the flour glue off of Mikayla before she found herself forever velcro-ed to a couch.

What do you think - should I keep the HBPM, drive over it with the car until it's in smitheriens or pass it off to another unsuspecting person and watch them wrestle with it!?


Ruth said...

eeee!! oh my! :) dear leah.

my vote is for the more dramatic option. DRIVE OVER IT AND SMASH IT TO SMITHEREENS! it will be incredibly thereputic plus you can feel good about yourself for riding the world of one more ridiculous, money wasting kitchen utencil.

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious!!I think I would be tempted to drive over it myself. I agree, smashing it too would be very theraputic.
What ever makes you happy love.