Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Frivolous Finds.....

Let's just get the record straight.
I am not a shopper.
I do not shop for recreation. 
I do not regularly hunt the malls for deals.
Consequently, I have a few favorite things I like to wear and leave it at that.

BUT every so often :).....

Well, let's just say .... I got out, by myself, for the WHOLE AFTERNOON, and I picked up some great finds.
And, since I was "in the mood" :)....
I snagged a sassy pear of high heels - Jon laughed since I never wear high heels!!! 
They are cute, something a little out of the ordinary for me...
... and a little reminder that we never stop discovering little pieces of our personality!


Robin Fehr said...

Great shoes!!
I am inspired to go shopping! (Johni's thankyou card will be in the mail! Ha ha!)
It's character defining - and that's great!
Way to go!

Ruth said...

:) soooo fun! now! you are totally ready for the next hot date with your man!