Monday, October 22, 2007


I am thankful for many people, many experiences, many things.
But today...
I want to thank...
She is a super great gal who has taught
 me much about the art of hospitality and the gift of
 sharing and generosity.

Thank you, Mom...
.... for bringing pizza and tea when I was sad
.... for listening to the same rants over and over and over :)
.... for taking care of my girls while I nap
.... for the special little gifts that you bring
.... for your encouragement, prayers and perspective
.... for reminding me that there's "no place like home" - whether that be yours or mine :)
.... for laughing with me
.... for arriving so promptly after Kezia's dramatic delivery and sharing that incredible moment with us!!
.... for your enthusiasm
.... for being yourself
.... for being my mom.
I love you.


Robin Fehr said...

Yes, very true- we are blessed.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree. We truely are blessed with a fantastic mom.


Ruth said...

aww -- moms are the best. and so are thoughtful neighbors! :) love ya leah!