Friday, February 2, 2007

Brrrrrr Manitoba! Ground Hogs Day?!?

O.k, so if anyone else had to walk to work this morning, or from their car to their workplace, you will know what I mean!
Give yourself a pat on the back!
Here we are: a bunch of hearty Manitobans! It is supposed to be -44C with the chiller tonight!
So, officially if you are out there for like more than a second - your done.
I think at this point most people just mindlessly function when they are driving around and going in and out.
But, by this time I think we should be accepting the fact that these cold - frigid days happen, and that we are equipped to deal.
I personally will drown myself in hot tea, coffee or soup, and think of the spring ahead.
Today is Groundhogs day. I think - if there was a sorry little groundhog kicking around in our province, and he dared to come out of his hiding place to sneak a peak - he'd drop dead - frozen! HOWEVER, it was sunny... so maybe he saw his shadow!
But - I take heart, spring and summer are coming....
And... I will appreciate our warm spring days all the more!

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Janice said...

Thank you for your comment. I really had know idea where this blog of mine would take me. God has blessed me so much with my blog.
It is actually warm here in Texas thank goodness. It has been cold for the past two weeks. It was a nice 78 degree's today! And sunny!
God Bless,