Wednesday, February 7, 2007

I'll take a bottle of that!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a smell evokes a million memories!!
Yesterday I went to get Mikayla from her high chair after lunch, and --- delightfully!! --- she smelled like winning combo of cheerios and fruit cocktail!! I breathed in that great, baby smell -- and wanted to bottle some up to keep with me for all time!
She grows and changes so much every day - it's hard to believe it as it unfolds before my very eyes.
The days and weeks go by so fast, my memory can't keep up with it all!!

So, if you find a way to preserve some of that fruity cheerio-y yummy scent - pass it along! I'll take a bottle of that :)!!!


Ruth said...

oh yes!
i can identify with this post. xo :)

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling Leah! I feel that way about some of James' smells too. Then again, there are others I don't want to think about...