Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Call in Ugly...

Today is Ash Wednesday, and I would have to admit, throughout the 27 years of my life, very
little significance or emphasis has been placed on the season of lent. I think I would like that to change.
As today marks the first day of the lent season, I would like to take this opportunity and time
to remember my dust to dust existence, and reflect on my own life to prepare my soul to be a
better person in Christ.
As recently quoted in a devotional I studied regarding lent: “I’m gonna have to call in ugly on
this one.”
There are things (ugly) that need to be laid down, repented for and learned from.
I think I’ll have a list no doubt….


Trev & Rebekah said...

Having an Anglican Prof has really brought Ash Wed and lent to light. Trev and I have a book on relfections of the cross we are going to go through so i'm excited to have something to help me focus.

Deborah and Sally said...

Hi :)
I found you on CWO, hope you don't mind another sister visiting !!
I like your blog a lot.