Thursday, February 8, 2007

Ooooohhh yeaaahh....

I had a flashback today about a time a few years ago which all us Manitobans will remember quite well.

The "Storm of the Century" - April, 1997. I did not know that this was actually known as "Snow Storm Hannah" . Wow, we actually have a natural disaster with a name!

Anyway, I remember that on that particular weekend I was stormed in with Leah at the farm. We we stuck. Oh - we tried to escape, but our vehicles sat stuck one behind eachother on the long driveway. Snowed under.

This photo actually reminds me of the treck that we made to the barn and back a couple of times to feed the horses. It was quite a dramatic event. I think Leah helped me up more than once on the way back to the house.
By the time it was all said and done, when we opened the door to go outside, there was only a wall of snow. The windows were the same. On the main floor to look outside was a wall of white!!

But - I still can chuckle about the memories. When the only station on t.v. was terminated (bull riding) we resorted to making colorful fish and underwater life from construction paper and taping to the window. We thought our make-shift aquarium was better then the wall 'o snow!
Hey -- we were making lemonade from lemons - right?!?

I guess, maybe I can look back on that time and feel like a survivor.
But that is not to say that I would want another one! Not to mention the flood that followed that big mama!
But it kinda makes this -45C windchill that I walk to work in everyday a little more bearable.
Atleast the sun is shining...
Now its time for warmer thoughts....

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Anonymous said...

Robin - Is this your post? You make me laugh so hard sometimes. I love it!